Positive Attachment Practice

Build healthy relationships that help you grow

With this five-week course you will

  • identify your attachment style
  • understand how attachment styles are formed
  • discover how your attachment gets in the way of what you want
  • set life goals in alignment with authentic relationships
  • receive guidance imagining and manifesting secure attachment
  • increase your metacognitive awareness
  • get feedback on your progress
  • join a community that creates the world you want to live in

max capacity 7 participants, weekly two hour zoom meetings, course starts Sunday March 27, 3-5pm Eastern Time

Hi, like you, I have been in relationships, with my family, friends, romantic partners, at work and at play. We each have gone through our own unique experiences – and on the way we figured it out somehow. Each of us has their own attachment style when it comes to relationships. Your mind created models about the world, and designed strategies to keep you functional and happy. And now you are here… You likely found that the way you relate to others in at least one context is not serving you anymore. The good news is, you are in a different place now. You have changed and some of your behavioral strategies are ready to be updated. We are in the transition of finding new ways to relate to each other, in our heads, in our hearts, and in the outer world. This workshop will address your desire to be truly connected at the root level of life. You can change the world one relationship at a time. I invite you to take the first step by signing up today. create the world you want to live in, together.

…more background:

Uwe Heiss – When you sign up for this course you will get access to vast experience, emotional understanding, insight, wisdom, ethics and friendship. I have been a social entrepreneur and traveler on spiritual paths for the last 20 years. These days you can find me in Vermont restoring a cabin by a Mountain brook or just surrendering to it all in Maui. I am not a licensed psychologist or health care professional and my services do not replace the care of psychologists or other healthcare professionals.