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Cloud fundingI am flattered! The Atlantic recently recognized my pioneering work with self-tracking specifically for people on the Autism Spectrum. Here is the link to the inspiring story of parent John Rodakis using my app Autism Tracker back in 2012, publishing his discoveries as n-1 studies, and then starting the NofOne foundation.
Apple enabled self-tracking to become mainstream
I am grateful to Apple for having opened up a door for me to reach patients directly with self-tracking tools. You can read up about my struggles before the release of iPhone in 2009 here. Now, there is a new challenge. While income from the Apple App Store so far has freed up my time to be able focus on self-tracking, this source is slowly drying up. The reason: Apple took my lead and is now building health tracking apps on their own, offering these for free.
Self-tracking developers face new funding challenges
While this is a great move by Apple that benefits many, it leaves me with the challenge to find new income sources to sustain my work. There is also a need to go beyond the iOS platform to offer self-tracking to many more people. So, what are my principles for forward? First, I would like to stay independent of investors to ensure freedom in my pioneering work. Second, I want to stay in touch with the community of people I am building solutions for. Third, I aim to keep each of my startups lean and flexible. Given the increasing frequency of changes in almost any industry, but especially in healthcare. I am convinced that companies will either need to be very large to have enough stamina to survive frequent changes or need to have a strong support network that steps in when needed. I am opting for the latter, it just fits who I am.
Finding for a community to fund my independent work
I have now a presence on Patreon. Interestingly, Patreon took me through steps to describe my role. I realized that I am “a healthcare activist who creates startups that catalyze change in healthcare”. My ask: support my independent work with a monthly contribution. To make things more interesting I am offering some nice perks. In terms of your generosity and my potential to create change the sky is the limit!
Let’s keep up the struggle!